9 months ago

Reasons To Visit Spanish-speaking Countries

Of all the vacation spots in the world, countries where the native language is Spanish are often the best to visit. Here is why.

Whether it is going to Cancun or the South of Spain, visiting a Spanish-speaking country is a great place to go read more...

9 months ago

German Holiday Locations: Hamburg

The city of Hamburg is a popular destination for its stage productions, particularly big musicals and plays. Ballets, variety shows, cabarets, concerts, and circus-like performances are also plentiful in Hamburg, cementing the city as a powerful p read more...

1 year ago

Hi there!!

Welcome from Brasil!! I'm pleased that you visit my blog! My English is not perfect. Nothing to tell about myself I think. I have a job as a Estate Agent. I love Writing. I hope you love my writings about lifestyle, shopping and wellness. My core: read more...